Over 1500 people meet together in community savings and lending groups.

Members of low-income communities are systematically blocked from participating in the formal economy. In order to invest in small businesses or to pay school fees, medical bills, or for a funeral, people need capital. Community savings groups provide an alternative to loan sharks who charge exorbitant interest rates (sometimes even over 60%).

PLAEP now has over seventy Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLA) using the Grassroots Building Our Wealth (GROW SHG) model. About 20 people, mostly women, gather and save money together enabling them to offer one another loans at affordable interest rates. With these loans, women are able to start small businesses and increase their own income. Members are able to then save for their children’s education or for home improvements such as flushing toilets. After a year, the GROW SHG equitably shares out their savings and interest, and all members benefit from their yearlong saving.


Join us by giving towards group supplies (notebooks, cash boxes, and locks) and community facilitator salaries and transport.